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           Genetic Engineering 

You've  read  about      it,    ani.book4.gif (10453 bytes) here are the facts.

You are part of an experiment.        Is this what you want?

If not then please spread this information world-wide, make a positive stand, do not leave it up to the few campaigners. I would definitely not like to bestow this legacy on my children, grandchildren and their children, would you?  

Q: How does it effect us?

A:  Totally unpredictable long term effects, New allergens and toxins in the food supply, Increased use of chemicals on our land and in our food, Damage to wildlife, Loss of biodiversity, New viruses able to cross species, Spread of antibiotic resistance, Cruelty to animals, Herbicide resistant weeds, Threats to organic farming, Potential infection or mutation of human cells, Irreversible contamination of our ecosystem.

Q: Where can I obtain more information on Genetic Engineering ? How will it effect my family in the future ?

A: The following addresses will supply you with all the required information and more besides, such as the chemical companies behind these DOOMSDAY PROJECTS that are just out to make money at our expense. Do you have shares in these companies ?

"ICELAND",   banned all genetically engineered food products from their supermarkets. Malcolm Walker, CBE, Founder and Chairman of Foods urges you to join the campaign against genetically engineered food.

Information Packs are available from  ICELAND HOTLINE     0990  133373

anim.grenball.gif (1896 bytes)   Food labelling Agenda                         Telephone:    0181  9412977

anim.grenball.gif (1896 bytes)  Totnes Genetics Group                          Email             Web Site

anim.grenball.gif (1896 bytes)     Five Year Freeze Campaign                       Web Site

anim.grenball.gif (1896 bytes)    Genetic Forum                                     Telephone:    0171  8379229

anim.grenball.gif (1896 bytes)  The Soil Association                             Telephone:   0117  9290661

anim.grenball.gif (1896 bytes)  Friends of The Earth                             Telephone:   0171  4901555

anim.grenball.gif (1896 bytes)   GreenPeace                                           Telephone:   0171  8658100

anim.grenball.gif (1896 bytes)   H.D.R.A.      Ryton Organic Gardens, Coventry.  CV8  3LG

anim.grenball.gif (1896 bytes)   Genetic Engineering Network              Telephone:   0181  37495116


friendsoftheearth.bmp (3918 bytes)   Visit their web site.

I hope these contacts are useful to you. There is a saying, "You can take a horse to water, but you can not make it drink." If you feel strongly about this issue which will effect your children, your children's children, wildlife, your pets, the environment then act now.     Do not put it off until tomorrow, for tomorrow will be too late. Petition your local MP, he/she count on your vote.


Don't leave it before time runs out, take action now.

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The Doomsday Clock is on countdown.

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