Are You Psychic ?


Have you ever been thinking about a person and then you suddenly hear from that person by telephone or via a letter?


Have you had a tune running around in your head, you turn on the radio or television and you hear the same tune?


Have you visited a place and felt as if you have been there before?


Have you felt as if you have known a person before but have only just met them?

If you answered yes to more than one of the questions then you are on the way already to “Awareness” of your psychic abilities.

We, as a race of people have discarded without thought, or sometimes knowledge, some of our most important and essential natural skills. We now only see with our eyes, ignoring our minds, or feel with our hands, disregarding our instincts and believing only what these limited senses allow us to see, and yet so much passes us by mostly without our knowledge “Psychic Week-ends" are designed to help you in “Opening Up” your dormant skills..

David has been helping and teaching and helping people in “Awareness” since 1985.

During the week-end David will assist you in acquiring the following skills:





  Ley Lines & Energy points.



Crystals and their uses.


Introduction to the skills used in Remote Viewing.

Three Psychic Week-ends are held each year in Dorchester, Dorset by David Kingston. M.A.I.R.V

The week-ends start at 10am and finish at 4pm. Refreshments are provided but you are required to bring your own packed lunch and please wear comfortable, warm clothing. The fee for each week-end is £75 which is payable one week in advance of the week-end. The weekends are non-residential.

For details of the next “Psychic Week-end” please contact David by 

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