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We, as a race of people have discarded without thought, or sometimes knowledge, some of our most important and essential natural skills. We now only see with our eyes, ignoring our minds, or feel with our hands, disregarding our instincts and believing only what these limited senses allow us to see, and yet so much passes us by mostly without our knowledge. The ability to view things distant in time and space is only one of these skills. After a good deal of consideration, and some gentle persuasion, I have decided to run Remote Viewing Courses, so that everyone can start to re-awaken these dormant skills. Remote Viewing is a proven science which has been used by governments and military intelligence units around the world as a spying technique for many years. As a member of The Institute of Remote Viewers, I and many other trained Remote Viewer operatives, feel that this skill should be re-learnt by the public and used for the “great good of mankind”, something that can be achieved with this science. 

There are courses teaching Remote Viewing in the United Kingdom which are charging students in excess of £700. There are also some unscrupulous people/organisations that claim that Remote Viewing is 100% accurate, this is not so and I would challenge any Remote Viewer to prove this. I believe, as do a few other trained Remote Viewers that this is wrong. Remote Viewing Techniques Inc. ® are of the opinion that Remote Viewing should be available to the majority, not the minority. Our fee for the eight day Certificate course is £250.

The courses are held once a year in Dorset, in October over four consecutive weekends (Saturday and Sundays). The eight day introductory training course will consist of a combination of the methods that have been taught to the military intelligence operatives and to such people as Dr. David Morehouse, author of “The Psychic Warrior.” The course is very intensive and you are encouraged firstly to practise a meditation technique (this is essential on the course), to keep in touch with your fellow students once you have completed the course, as we all know it is only after you have passed your driving test that you start to learn to drive. Those who have access to the internet will find a monthly “target” is placed on our web site.


There is always a great demand for the course and each course is limited to a set number of students. Registration is therefore on a “first come, first served” basis.  A course training manual, which is yours to keep, will be supplied to you at the end of the first day of the course. A course syllabus will be sent to each delegate on receipt of the full booking fee. Each course day starts at 10 hrs. prompt and will finish at approximately 16.00hrs. (4pm.) Refreshments will be provided for lunch and breaks, this will consist of tea, coffee and herbal tea. Each delegate is required to bring the following every day with them:


A4 Lined writing pad,

A4 unlined pad &

A packed lunch each day.

Due to the intensity of the course, total commitment by students is expected. You will be required to set aside time for home study and revision if you wish to benefit fully from the training which will be provided by the course tutor. A certificate will be awarded to those who satisfactorily reach the course criteria as laid down by Remote Viewing Techniques Inc.® An “A” or “B” pass has been the average pass mark for students that have completed previous courses. The certificate is usually received three weeks after completion of the course. Your course tutor is a member of the  Institute for Remote Viewers. He has graduated with honours and is qualified to teach Stages 1 to Stage VI as laid down by the A.I.R.V. He has run courses since 1998 with a very high rate of students qualifying, (98%)

You will need to be a dedicated student, be able to  relax, complete the Intensive eight day certificate course,  run over four, non-residential, consecutive week-ends in Dorset. The basic concepts and theory that you will be taught are that of US Military Remote Viewing. These same techniques were/are taught to the C.I.A. (Central Intelligence Agency), D.I.A. (Defence Intelligence Agency), and British Intelligence Agencies. The scientists are now looking at Remote Viewing in a more serious light according to a recent report.

Recommended text books are:

“Psychic Warrior” by David Morehouse.

“Remote Viewing Secrets” by Joseph McMoneagle.

“Mind Trek” by Joseph McMoneagle.

“Remote Viewers” by Jim Schnabel.

All the above books are available from Nexus Magazine, (Marcus Allen)

Tel: 01342 322854

Your Tutor

David Kingston, served in military intelligence during his tour of duty in the armed services from the late 1950's to the 1960's and travelled world-wide.

After completing and passing a course on Remote Viewing in 1998 decided to start teaching people the subject but felt he required more experience. He completed another course on tutoring Remote Viewing and then felt more confident to train others in the art of Remote Viewing. Previous students have attended for the courses for the following personal reasons: to enhance their psychic qualities, healing abilities, assisting in finding lost animals and people but mainly to awaken the skills our ancestors used in everyday life.

As the courses are very intensive each student is encouraged to keep in touch with each other, we all know that it is after you have passed your driving test that you start to learn to drive. He runs courses in Dorset, England and they are held twice a year, May and October. No student during the last five years has failed to obtain a certificate pass. Each introductory course extends over eight days, four consecutive weekends, and carries a certificate pass. I limit the number of students to twelve persons per course, larger groups, I found to be detrimental to the quality of teaching and stressful for the students attending.  For those students who have access to the internet I place a monthly target on his web site.

To reserve a place on the next course, (October of each year), please apply for your enrolment to:

David Kingston M.A.I.R.V, 26, Rex Lane, Chickerell, Dorset, DT3 4AY  England 

Telephone: 01305 830057  Cell Phone: 07 717 127 709 or Email

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Chickerell         Dorchester area (a few miles away) Aquila Heights   Whitfield Farm Cottage

Keepers Cottage     Maiden Castle Farm   The Old Rectory  "Cornflowers"       Higher Came  Whites Dairy House    

Brick House ( Digital Dorset   

Other accommodation in the area or

Telephone the Dorchester Tourist Office  +44 01305  267992 and they will forward you a brochure. 


For experienced Remote Viewers or past students our web site contains a new “co-ordinate target” every month.  Accommodation  in the area you could stay at whilst attending the course.

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