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1= UFOs   2= Crop Circles   3= Internet Radio & Television    4=  Space Sciences    5= Spiritual   6= Paranormal   7= Government Agencies   8= Alternative Energy   9= Magazines, CDs & Books   10= Conspiracy Sites   11= Remote Viewing  12= Astrology & New Age  13= Health & Alternative Therapies  14= The Holy Grail Sites  15= Ancient Egypt & Mysteries  16 = Conservation  17= Fun Sites & "Freebies" 18= Local Web Sites    19= Missing Children  20= Crystal Skulls


(Section 1)


Paranormal News

The University of Texas    (UFO Research)

Kent UFO Watch        (UK UFO Reporting web Site)

Cosmic Conspiracies

Italian UFO Website

The Presidents UFO web site

George Filer      (U.S.A)

UFO Phenomenon by Professional Scientists

Nick Pope

Alien Resistance org

UFO News & Sightings around the World

Roswell: What really happened?

Roswell Proof       What really happened ?

Kithra's Krystal Kave

South Coast UK  UFO Center       Lots of information and a great web site

The Presidents UFO Web Site

The Why Files

Dreamland     The web site of the famous Little A 'Le' Inn, Rachel, ET Highway, NV

Sacred  Geometry & Music

Brad & Sherry


Ancient UFO's     (Artwork both BC & AD)

Alien Resistance     (Roswell)

Paola Harris  Italian UFO Site

Stargate Chronicles


Korni's UFO's



Global and Local UFO Information     

Alien Gif Centre   

Tony Topping

Dreaman UFO

Anomalous Images & UFO's    (A truly incredible web site)        

Is it a Satellite or a UFO?

Claude DiDomenica

SUFOG       Southampton UFO Group

Exopolitics   (Non-terrestrial Politics)

Near Earth Asteroids

Phenomenon     (A truly incredible site)

Eric von Däniken

Want to contact others with interests in UFO's & The Paranormal ?

Loy Lawhon 

Cutting Edge Alternative Information

Barry Taylor UFO Researcher

C.S.E.T.I.   Main Site

Italian UFO Site


Dr. Richard Boylan Ph.D.

Australian UFO's

John Hayes

UFO Desk

Dr. Steven Greer

Bob Lazar

 Future Positive


Down to Earth


Karen Lister


Whitley Strieber

Skywatch International

Ufo's Edwards Air Force Base

The Word is Truth 

Visit this incredible site  ORBIT

UFO Studies

Beyond Boundaries UFO Research

U.S.A.C. Italian UFO siteItalian UFO site

Stan Gordon


The Lost Haven

South Wales UFO Network

Largest UFO website



Budd Hopkins Intruders Site  

Noel Huntley. Ph.D

National Institute For Discovery Science 

Mark Hall  Destination Space 

Arizona Abduction Center

The Treasure Chest on Secret Island 

UFO's & Star Nations


Shift Reality

Colin Stevenson

Italian UFOs

Bill Bean

Joes UFO Web Site

Gravity Free Flight

Cosmic Horizons

Ukraine UFO Web Site

UFOs Sweden

Planetary Anomalies

Italian UFO Site

Mystic Chamber

Stargate Chronicles

(Section 2)

All Crop Circle Web Sites can be found here  


(Section 3)

 Radio & Internet Television   

Peter J. Shield's World of Unexplained Mysteries

Quality Radio

Morning Star Productions.

Enigma TV

Night Search, The voice of the Paranormal. 

Sightings Home Page

The Laura Lee Show

Earth Changes TV 

The Art Bell Show

Oasis TV

Reality & Beyond

Liberty Works Radio Network

Beyond The Unexplained

Stardust Entertainment


   (Section 4)  

     Space Sciences     


NASA Web Cams

Shumann Resonance         and Zero Point

Solar Activity

Sussex University Space 

Sciences Clark's Space Links      One of the best on the web


Joseph Firmage

Kent Steadman's Orbit

Drunvalo Melchezidek

Solar Cycle Sunspot Flares & E.M.F.Radiation

FREE Energy

Noel Huntley  Ph.D

Earth Quake Map

National Institute For Discovery Science

History of the Neurophone


Near Earth Asteroids

 Weather  Satellite

Gravity Free Flight

Richard Hoagland

The Philadelphia Experiment

Satellite Tracking               

Archaeology, Astronautics & SETI Association

Science Daily

(Section 5)


Welcome to Yeovil Psychic Society
challenging the accepted !

Sacred  Geometry & Music

The Art of Healing in Love and Light

Sedona's Angels

The Surrey Spiritual Healers Association

Clairvoyancy and the Paranormal

James Twyman   (The psychic children)

'tween: The Art of Loving in Love and Light

James Wood's Angelic Communication Website

Inspirations Ezine   (A free on-line magazine for all who seek enlightenment)

Gregg Braden 

The Crystal Skull Society  

Some of the most beautiful thoughts

The Singing Rainbow     

Eclectric Connections   (A "must site to visit)

Facets of Avalon

The Art of Healing in Love & Light

Shirley Maclaine

Peaceful & Beautiful

Positive Thoughts can change anything.    (The effects on water)

Brad & Sherry

The Forbidden Zone   (Crystal Skull)

Colour Resonance

Tudor Lodge       Bognor Regis, West Sussex 

Holistic Cornwall  (Turn on your speakers)

Changing The Face of Death


The Cave of the Giant Crystals

Wolf Lodge Cultural Foundation

Mystic Chamber

The Indigo Children

The World Mystery Research Center   (Crystal Skulls etc..)

Crystal Skull Foundation

Spiritual Journeys/Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls

Comprehensive Directory    (Night Moon)

Reincarnation   Josephine Sellers

Mind, Body, Spirit Centre    ( A great new Centre in Dorchester)

Body, Mind, Spirit Directory

Axiom Mystery School

Liquid Light Body

Cutting Edge Alternative Information

White Light Enterprises

Carla Wills-Brandon

Kirlan Photography

Julie King

Astral Hearts

What's On  (Sussex Alternative Connections)

Spiritual  Search Engine

Krystal Kave

The Open Secret (Retreats)

John Lloyd

Spirit Network

Berkeley Institute

Dream-Quest Dream

Pyramids & Stargates


The Vatican

Light Workers

 Paul Craddock (Dowsing)

The British Society of Dowsers

Ley Lines

The Sussex Dowsers

The Belinus Line

Postal Psychic Readings

Barrie Anson

The ABU Trust                     

Axminster Awareness Center

Spiritual Conferences



La Science Unitaire

The Voyagers        

Altered States

World Meditation Days

Rainbow Dream Vision

Isle of Avalon

Grand Eclipse

Awareness Center

Bob Dratch

Earth Rainbow Network

Sacred Geometry

Children of Light

Testament/New Testament  (Mark Russell Bell)

Center of the SUN 

Friends Spiritual Center

Spirit Painting

Celestial Visions

Thunder Horse Ranch


Mayan Herbs 

Mayan Council of Elder

Hello From Heaven

"Channelling from Princess Diana"

Positive Living (Bournemouth)

Donald David Durrett

 Merlin's   Lineage



Spiritual Retreats in the United Kingdom 

Era of Peace

William Wayne Barnes

The Titanic

ADC Project

Research and Tours

His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Dreamland and Design

Psychic Encounters  Southampton

Geopathic Stress

Reincarnation     A factual book

Pathways Taunton, Events, Workshops etc.. Taunton, Events, Workshops etc.. Workshops etc..          

Pathways Shop  Taunton

NVisible : Solara and the 11:11

Wessex Dowsers

Gregg Braden

Spirit Painting

School of Conscious Living       

Who is your Guardian Angel

Oasis Light workers 

"Life is Forever"

From The Stars

Suzanne Taylor

Louise Olivi

New Human Octave

The Chalice Well  (Glastonbury)

Spiritual Retreats & Courses

The Devi Centre

Ripples  A factual book on Reincarnation

(Section 6)


Paranormal News

Psychic Investigators

Super Natural World

Paranormal Network

The Paranormal Palace

Clairvoyancy and the Paranormal

The  Why Files

Brad & Sherry

Aldon Paraphysical

Night Moon

Phenomenon     (A truly incredible site)

Paranormal Research   (The Association for Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) 

Paul Vigay

Cosmic Connections


Fortean Times 

Spiral Castle  (Weymouth)


Uri Geller

Dream Masters

World of The Strange

Ed Vos 

Planetary Anomalies

Jonathan Downes

(Section 7)

Government Agencies 

G.C.H.Q    UK Government listening post

Freedom of Information      UK Government





United States Airforce

The White House 

News for Pilots

Spy Satellite

Satellite Tracking

Public Records Office  (UK)

N.A.S.A. Spacelink

European Space Agency

Satellite Tracker (In Real time)

Apollo Launches

M.O.D. UFO Files

Soviet Satellite


(Section 8)

Alternative Energy 

Lutec    (Free energy)


Wade Frazier

Jim's Free Energy Page

Free Energy & Overunity  Tom Bearden

The Quest for Overunity   (One of the best web sites on this subject)                          


Suppressed Technologies

Perpetual Motion

Solar Energy

Gravity FREE Flight

Dr. Steven Greer

(Section 9)

Magazines,  Books & CD's 

Paranormal News

Pentacle is the UK's Largest  Independent Pagan Magazine

Sacred  Geometry & Music


Inspirations Ezine   (A free on-line magazine for all who seek enlightenment)

Digital Dorset    Events, Local news, businesses and B&Bs + lots more.

Eileen Bray

Colour Decoder

Seventh Wave Music  (Incredibly beautiful Music)

Spiral Castle (Weymouth)

Barrie Anson

Global Village News

FTL Magazine (Hull)

Wessex Aquarian Books  (Dorset)

Watkins Books    (Looking for a book?)

Enigma Cyberstores

Books and Book Publisher


The Inner Bookshop    (Oxford)

Book Publishers   (Do you want a book published ?)


Sir Laurence Gardner's Publications


The Holy Spirit & The Holy Grail

Down to Earth


The Truth Seekers Review





THORSONS    Books.

The Inner Bookshop

The New Genesis Album by Adrian Wagner

Conscious Media   (A must to visit)

Sapphire House Inc.

Audio Spirit

Reincarnation   (A factual book)

Pathways Taunton

"Ripples" A factual book on reincarnation

The Psychic News

Positive News

Book World Inc.

Solar Spirit

Garth Books

Findhorn Press       

Northern Light

Association of Investigative Journalist

" Life is Forever "

 Watkins Books

The Open Secret


(Section 10)

Conspiracy     Sites   

Diana, the latest most credible web site on her assignation.

Looking Into The Dark Places

Kithra's Krystal Kave

John Hurst

The Voice Barry King

Knowledge Information For Everyone

The Sauder Zone   

The Truth Campaign

The Big Trunk Site

Cutting Edge Alternative Information

The Philadelphia Experiment 

The Philadelphia Experiment Site 2

Richard Hoagland

David Percy

The Seeker Magazine

Barry Chamish



End Secrecy

David Icke 

Conspiracy Net

 What happened to Diana ???

Lynda Moulton Howe

"The Truth Seekers"

The Bermuda Triangle

Is your hard drive being scanned whilst you are on line? Check it out forFREE

True Facts


(Section 11) 

     Remote Viewing   web sites & Courses   

Remote Viewing Techniques Inc.   (Dorset, UK)      

James Wood's Website

Viking Remote Viewing

Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild                     

Larger Universe

Lyn Buchanan

The Mount Baldy Institute         

Dr. Wayne Carr

David Morehouse         

Joseph McMoneagle         

Remote Viewing Correspondence Course

Darryl Smith  (England)   

(Section 12)

Astrology & New Age ? 

LionWorks,  the home of Peter Dickinson's Simple, Understandable Astrology  

UK's Largest  Independent Pagan Magazine

Sacred  Geometry & Music

Facets of Avalon

Kithra's Krystal Kave

Colour Resonance

New Age Australia

Amazing mind tools

Cosmic Society

Great Dreams  (A site that covers many topics)


(Section 13)

Personal Development, Health & Alternative Therapies 

Biomagnetic Jewelry

The Surrey Spiritual Healers Association

Healing with Sound

Facets of Avalon

AvaTara   Courses, Colour Readings & Products

Wade Frazier

G. Baldwin    UK Online supplier of herbs, oils etc.

Crystal Bowls   Eileen Bray

Colour Resonance

Reverse Age

Alternative Information Resources

Axiom Mystery School

Magdalen Farm Center

The Halcyon

Good Holistic Health Guide

Bowen Therapy Joanne Figov Bounemouth            

Pathways Taunton

Pathways to Care A Confidential community help-line

Directory of Homeopathic Practitioners

Magnet Therapy

Nutrition Products

The British Holistic Medical Association





The Holy Grail Sites  

Sir Laurence Gardner

The Imperial & Royal Dragon Court and Order

The Royal House of Stewart Official Site

Holy Grail

The Holy Spirit & the Holy Grail

Bloodline of The Holy Grail

Genesis of The Grail Kings

Sir Laurence Gardner's lectures on audio tape          


Ancient Egypt & Mysteries.     The Truth starts here !! 

Dorset Mysterious Sites

The Noise Room

Dark Dorset

Ancient Mysteries

Eclectric Connections   (A "must site to visit)

Dark Star

Cheop's Pyramid, Anatomy of the Kings Chamber

Temple of Mu

Archaeology, Astronautics & Seti Research Association   (ASSA)

The Daily Grail

Robert Bauval

Ancient Egypt

The Hall of Records

Ambilac  You must visit this one

Alan. F. Alford

Rennes-le Château

Guardians of  Wisdom    

The Crystal Skulls    (Joshua Shapiro's Web Site)

Mysterious Objects

Journeys to Peru


Dead Sea Scrolls

Egyptian Tours

Julie King

The Long Awaited  BOOK Giza-Genesis: The Best Kept Secret

(Section 16)


Save the Songbirds

Green Peace

Free Energy

(Section 17)

Fun Sites, Freebies, Games & Educational

 Free & the best Screen Savers  &   Desktop Themes

Kithra's Krystal Kave


Animated Cards

Greeting Cards

FREE Sci Fi Screensavers

Great Freebies


Oak Tree One of the best Card Sites

Card Central

Virtual Bubble Wrap

City Sky

Free Center

Software Paradise

Gadget Fever

Free Web Promotion

Free Games

UK Telephone Directory

Access Genealogy

Genealogy Helper

Software Warehouse

How does it work?

World Time Check

The Greatest  UFO Animations


(Section 18)


Dorchester, Dorset


(Section 19)

Missing Children

Find your child    


(Section 20)

Crystal Skulls


                  Home Page                  Annual Conference